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Writer's Block: Bottoms up!

How do you usually spend New Years Eve? Do you like big parties, small celebrations with friends, or do you prefer to hang out by yourself? Is New Years a time of reflection for you?

I don't like going to parties. Usually I'll spend the day watching The Twilight Zone marathon. Then after 11 my family and me will go downtown to find a parking garage or some place to wait until the fireworks. On New Year's Day my mom fixes Hoppin' John, which is a Southern dinner my mom fixes every year. Hoppin' John is black eyed peas, rice with diced tomatoes and green onion, and collard greens. Everything represents something. Collard greens equal money. So the more greens you eat the more money you will make in the coming year.


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Jan. 3rd, 2010 01:30 pm (UTC)
This made me feel so nostalgic: my grandmother also used to fix Hoppin' John for New Year's! I always make sure I eat pork on 1/1 but not always the black-eyed peas. Another family custom we had was to put a silver coin on every window ledge before midnight, to guarantee prosperity.
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